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Wheel Refurbishments, Alignments, Tracking, Balancing 
& Tyre Changing

Tyres keep us stuck to the road, but they need to be changed when nearing the legal tread depth limit (1.6mm), Tyres can also fail, and in unfortunate circumstances pick up a puncture, not to worry, we can help.

In our Workshop We can offer:

  • Wheel Alignments - Using our State-of-the-art Laser Wheel alignment machine

  • Tyre Fitting/Changing for Cars and Commercial vehicles up to 20 Inches currently, however, we will soon be offering up to 24" tyre fitting!

  • Wheel Balancing

  • Puncture Repair

  • Wheel refurbishments*

*Whilst we at Vulcan Motors don't currently have the ability to refurbish wheels in our workshop, we have been fortunate enough to build a relationship with a local wheel refurb specialist.

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