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Vehicle Inspections, Health Checks  &  Vehicle Diagnostics

We've all been there, you are driving along and suddenly something doesn't sound quite right, or there's a strange feeling in the way the cars behaving, or maybe even a light has appeared on the dashboard that you're concerned about.

At Vulcan Motors, we can perform a full vehicle inspection to ascertain whether there is indeed a fault and advise how we can remedy it, and and what cost to you, for Vehicle Diagnostics we can also plug our diagnostic system into the vehicles ECU to detect any faults that may be lurking somewhere out of plain sight. We have fully qualified auto electricians who are able to assess any ecu issues that may be present.

A VHC includes (but is not limited to) checks on the following things:

• Brakes
• Tyres
• Lights
• Fluid Levels
• Exhaust
• Steering
• Suspension
• Electrical

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