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Exhaust Repairs &  Replacements

Exhausts can fail, fundamentally OEM vehicle exhausts are fabricated from mild steel, which after a few years on our british roads, with salt in the winter and endless rain, can corrode away mild steel quicker than you might think.

Should your exhaust be damaged, blowing, leaking and/or rusted, we can replace it with an Aftermarket OEM style exhaust (Most OEM replacement exhausts are treated and will hold up against the weather damage that becomes a common problem on OEM Factory exhausts) or perform welding repairs to your existing exhaust unless a replacement is the only viable solution.

We are able to offer Exhaust for All Vehicle Types!

  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Cleaning

  • We are also able to offer repairs to exhaust after-treatment & emission device systems

    • DPF's, OPF's, Regenerations & Adblue systems​

  • Catalytic Converter Replacements

  • Catalytic Converter Security device Install

  • Exhaust repairs should you have a Leak or another issue

  • Complete factory (OEM) replacement 

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