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For tyres you can rely on, get in touch today. Our skilled team undertake a range of wheel related services, including wheel alignments and steering and suspension issue. Based in Sandhurst, Berkshire, our experts will ensure you are back on the road again swiftly and safely.


If you’re having problems with your tyres, you need to have your vehicle seen to immediately by one of our team. Do you find that you constantly have to pump up one tyre because the pressure seems to disappear from it all the time? Not only does this put your petrol and diesel bill up, it leads to increased wear and tear on your tyres. There’s a strong chance you have a slow puncture.

You might have the opposite problem and your tyres might be overinflated. If that’s the case, you’re much more likely to suffer the shock (particularly when driving at speed) or a tyre blowing out.

If your tyres all have different pressures, that’s going to cause a couple of major issues. Your tyre tread will wear down much quicker and if your tread falls below 1.6mm, it’s illegal to drive your car and you must get it replaced immediately.

Different tyre pressures can also cause your tyres to wear unevenly. This is going to quickly cause issues with your tyre inflation, suspension, and alignment.

Steering and Suspension

If something goes wrong with your steering and suspension on your vehicle, it’s best to bring it in straight away. The list below shows some things you should look out for:

Diagnostics - Steering and Suspension

  • Is your vehicle pulling to one side when you’re driving?

  • Does it seem to slip when you hold the wheel in a turned position?

  • Does it take more effort than normal to using the steering wheel to turn the car?

  • When you’re travelling at speed, does the steering wheel seem to bounce up and down?

  • Does it wander when you’re turning the wheel?

  • Do you hear a screeching or whistling sound when you turn your steering wheel?

If you’re experiencing one or more of those at the moment, visit our engineering team without delay. You’ll get a no-obligation estimate before we fix everything. If you choose us to do the work for you, why not get a servicing at the same time to spot any more potential issues before they arise?

A faulty steering and suspension system is one of the most dangerous faults you can have with your car so please let us take care of the problem.

Wheel Alignment

If you’re having problems with the way your vehicle handles, you may have issues with the alignment of your wheels. There are lots of different reasons why this might be happening, including hitting a pothole or banging into a curb at speed.

What are the effects of incorrect wheel alignment? Your tyres will wear down faster, you may feel your steering wheel pull, your will be getting less miles to the gallon, and, at speed, your car will feel like it is twitching.

Aligning your wheels correctly isn’t a big job and doing it now will save time and frustration in the future. Speak to one of our friendly team here at Vulcan Motors Ltd or drive in and see us.

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