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For car air conditioning, battery repairs and clutch  replacements that you can trust, choose Vulcan Motors Ltd in Sandhurst, Berkshire. Our team has the skills, experience, and knowledge to repair your car, making it as good as new! You can rely on us and the work we do, so get in touch with us today!

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is something we all take for granted, whether it’s keeping us cool in the summer or warm on winter mornings. But if the air conditioning on your vehicle breaks down, this can lead to some heavy fees to get it fixed or replaced.

That’s why, as a matter of course, when we service your vehicle we look for issues with your air conditioning system that indicate that it needs maintenance. Contact us if you’ve noticed that:

Repairs - Air Conditioning

  • Your Car Has More Internal Moisture Than Normal

  • There Are Unpleasant, Pungent Smells When You Get in Your Car

  • You’re Getting through More Refrigerant Than Normal

  • Your Car Is Not Cooling at All (Normally Caused by the Presence of Dirt or Debris in Your Condenser)

These things are a sign that an air conditioning system service is required.

We’ll check every potential affected component, including the expansion valve, the accumulators, the receiver dryers, and more to get to the route of your problem so that when you drive your car after it’s been with us, you’ll get all the benefit of air conditioning the year around.


Batteries feel like they should last forever. After all, they’re being charged by the engine all the time it’s running. But did you know that what cuts battery life are short trips and exposure to either extremely hot or cold temperatures? And of course, if you switch the engine off and accidentally leave the lights on overnight, it can take away almost all of a battery’s remaining power.

Keep an eye on your battery. If it’s starting to fail, you’ll notice that when you try to start the vehicle, it takes longer than normal. Most cars now have a low battery power light which tells you that you need to do something about it.

If you’re concerned, open your bonnet and check to see how much fluid is left in your battery. Has the case begun to swell or bloat? Is there a leak? A sure sign of a leak is if there is “gunk” where the positive and negative cable connections are.

When you bring your car in for service, we’ll check your battery power level and advise you on whether you need a replacement. If you’ve noticed your battery has drained, please bring your vehicle in anyway. A prolonged weak battery can affect other parts of your car so this might be the ideal time for a service.


Within Vulcan Motors Ltd, we have a skilled and experienced welding department used to working on a huge range of car models. We can weld to achieve standards required by both MOT tests and VOSA standards.


There are multiple signs you can look out for if your radiator is beginning to fail, including:

Diagnostics - Radiator

  • A Puddle of Liquid under the Car When It’s Not Being Used

  • Your Car Overheats

  • There’s a Drop in Your Radiator Pressure

  • You’re Constantly Having to Fill up on Coolants as They Keep Dropping Too Low

  • You Spot Rust on Or around the Radiator – This Means You Have a Leak

Overheating can cause a lot of damage to your engine and we strongly advise that if you spot any of these signs, that you get in touch with us to arrange an investigation and a service.

You can rest assured that in the hands of our experts, we’ll diagnose your problem quickly, repair it at the best possible price, and get it back to you so you’re back on the road.


If your clutch is slipping, juddering, dragging, spinning, or jerks when you engage your engine, please bring it in straight away – there is likely a problem with your clutch. Our team of expert clutch specialists are on hand to examine your vehicle's clutch system to identify the issue that is present, and to identify if a clutch repair or replacement is required. Some of the telltale signs that are team will look for are:

Diagnostics - Clutches

  • Glazed or Worn out Clutch Surfaces

  • Pressure Plate Not Parallel with the Flywheel Face

  • Oil or Grease on the Clutch

There are 22 potential issues we check for when you bring your vehicle into us. We’ll work to really understand what the actual problem is and find the quickest, most effective, and most competitively-priced solution so you can get back on the road.

We understand that clutch replacement costs can be expensive, but it’s better to deal with the issue at a moment’s notice before it gets worse later on down the line. When you bring your car in for general servicing, we’ll always check your clutch system and report back to you any areas of concern we have. So trust the clutch specialists at Vulcan Motors Ltd in Sandhurst to locate and deal with any issues that may be hindering your car’s performance. Call us now on 01252 870818 to book an appointment.


The exhaust is one of your car’s major systems. It gets rid of all the harmful fumes which accumulate in your engine and inside your car. If problems begin to develop with your exhaust, the immediate and long-term effects on your vehicle can be big.

If you’ve noticed that you’re getting less miles out of your car than a little while ago, your steering wheel or gas pedal are shaking every now and again, or your engine is making far more noise than usual, there’s almost certainly something wrong with your exhaust that needs immediate attention.

Other signs include holes, cracks, or rusty spots on your exhaust pipe, if it clatters, bangs, or roars, or you notice it dragging or hanging and smoke is coming out of the pipe.

To get a full diagnostic on any issues your vehicle may have with its exhaust system, give us a call or drop in to see us.

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