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If you’re in need of high-quality diagnostic repairs to your vehicle, get in touch. Our skilled, experienced team are masters in undertaking a range of car diagnostic repairs, including work on brakes, clutches, and more. Based in Sandhurst, Berkshire, our experts make sure that your car or motorhome runs perfectly, so get in touch with Vulcan Motors Ltd now!

Electrical Faults

Did you know that, left unchecked, the repair bill for fixing electrical faults on your car can cost £300 or more? Relays and alternators are the most likely electrical faults, but insurers are seeing more and more claims for newer features on vehicles like parking sensors.

As always, it’s better to get potential problems looked at early. Your vehicle’s engine is a complicated and connected and it’s not uncommon that problems in one area of your car can lead to other, more expensive engine problems elsewhere.

If you’re having problems getting your car to start, the battery has begun to leak, your dashboard lights or headlights seem dim, or your car is running fine but the brake lights don’t work, these are almost certainly the beginnings of electrical faults within your vehicle.

For all things electrical on vehicles, let the team here at Vulcan Motors Ltd diagnose any current or potential problems and give you the best and most cost-effective advice on making sure your car stays on the road.

Engine Management

Of all the lights that can blink on your dashboard, the engine management is the most worrying and the most mysterious. It can cover dozens of different faults and it needs a skilled mechanic to get into your engine and diagnose all of the problems.

The engine management light, if it’s green, can indicate a problem in one or more of the following areas:

Diagnostics - Engine Management

  • Your Emissions

  • Your Petrol Filler Cap Is Loose or Faulty – This Really Pushes the Cost of Driving up as Your Car Begins to Drink Petrol or Diesel

  • Your Catalytic Converter

  • Your Mass Airflow Sensor Is Malfunctioning

  • Spark Plugs

  • Wires

  • Ignition System

  • Diesel Particulate Filter Isn’t Working Properly

  • There’s a Leak on Your Vacuum Hose

The list goes on and it takes real knowledge of a vehicle and a time-served mechanic to work through each potential issue and eliminate them one by one until the cause or causes are found.

If your engine management light is red, you must not drive the car anymore. Call a breakdown recovery service. If your engine management light is flashing green, even intermittently, bring it to Vulcan Motors Ltd immediately and let our team work on finding and resolving the problem without delay.

Our Customer Commitments

All members undergo an ongoing programme of rigorous quality and performance checking. As customers of a Bosch Car Service Code of Practice network garage, you’re assured of:

Diagnostics - Our Customer Commitments

  • You’re Treated with Fairness and Respect

  • Our Billing Is Clear and Uncomplicated

  • Your Work Is Carried out in a Timely Fashion

  • We Won't Try to Sell You Unnecessary Parts, Services, or Guarantees

  • If You Have a Complaint, It Will Be Dealt with Fairly and Quickly

  • We Always Use Like-for-Like Quality Parts

  • Repairs Will Be Conducted in Line with Manufacturers’ Recommendations

  • When We Promote or Advertise Ourselves, We Will Be Honest and Truthful

If you feel let down in any way, you can appeal to the Bosch Car Service Code of Practice network adjudication panel for further help. As members of the network, we’re bound to follow any rulings laid down.

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